The Recyclability Protocol will be a research-based approach for users to assess the extent to which fiber-based packaging may be recyclable and does not pose known challenges for the residential recycling system. The methodology for the Protocol is based on the ISRI Board of Directors-approved definition of recyclable materials, which is “a previously used material that can be processed into specification-grade commodity for which a market exists.”

The Protocol will be an online tool that automatically scores each criterion based on the methodology research conducted for the Protocol. The results will determine whether the packaging meets the criteria of the Protocol or has challenges that require modifications or testing or does not meet the criteria.

The Protocol focuses specifically on recycling post-consumer fiber-based packaging that will be marketed in the United States.

Call for Comments

ISRI is issuing a public call for comments for feedback on the Protocol. The comment period will be open from October 5 to November 4, 2022.

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